Simulating Quantum Matter Atom-by-Atom

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To increase public awareness of the role of science in society, we commission mural paintings that schowcase the rich history of chemistry and physics in Utrecht 

“What would happen if we could arrange the atoms one by one the way we want them?”

– Richard P. Feynman 

Our research group uses scanning probe techniques to study quantum matter. Following a proposal by Feynman, instead of studying real materials, we use a complementary approach: we construct highly controllable model systems by moving single atoms and molecules. This allows us to control parameters that are not easy to control in real materials. Examples include the lattice geometry, coupling of specific orbitals, and the coupling strength. Our results not only provide insight into the behavior of real materials, but also make it possible to go beyond the restrictions imposed by real materials. For in depth information about our work, please see the page with publications.

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